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Welcome & About Cowane’s

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Established in 1637, Cowane’s Hospital Trust is Scotland’s oldest surviving charitable Trust and was founded by our benefactor, John Cowane.

Primarily, the Patrons of Cowane’s Hospital Trust offers relief for those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or other disadvantage through the provision of housing, and in particular sheltered housing, within the local government area of Stirling Council.

Secondary is the advancement of heritage through the maintenance, care and preservation of the historic buildings in Stirling known as Cowane’s Hospital and John Cowane’s House. Other land and buildings which are either owned by the Trust or connected to John Cowane or properties that are of interest to the Trust and are in some way connected to the Trusts charitable objectives.

  • Mission: The active management since 1637 of John Cowane’s legacy to care for and support those in need, as well as our heritage, across Stirling and the surrounding area.
  • Vision: Being an active part of a caring society and meeting the future needs of local living, history, and heritage.
  • Values: Compassion, Transparency, Excellence, Honesty, Equality & Fairness.
  • Objectives: Proactively supporting those in need through partnership working whilst educating the local and wider community on the history and work of the Trust.
  • Interest: Providing help to the vulnerable in the community whilst preserving and enhancing the legacy of Stirling’s history.
  • Approach: By being proactive in everything that we do.

How is The Trust Made Up?

The Trust is made up of five divisions:

  1. Residential Care
  2. Investments
  3. Commercial & Residential Landlord
  4. Heritage & Tourism
  5. Hospitality & Events

All income generated goes back into the Trust in order that both the primary and secondary objectives can be achieved.

Patrons of Cowane’s Hospital Trust Scottish Registered Charity SC019364