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Almshouse Rules


First, that each persone who is absent from publict prayers in the hospitall hall they being in health the oversier to taike notice of such ane persone or persones and delate them to the masters of the said hospital! for the tyme who is to detine tua shilling scots of their weiklie mentinance for each dyats absence. 

Secondlie, that each persone being in health beis absent from the church upon the Lords day both in the foir and afternoon and upon the weekdayes when their is divine service the oversier is to delate them to the masters of the said hospittall who is to detine four shilling scotes of their weiklie mentinance for each dyatts absence. 

Thirdlie, He who is found guiltie of suearing banning fflytting or anyuther uncivill cariadge the oversier is to delate him to the saids masters who are to detine six shillings eight pennies scottes of his weiklie mentinance for each fault. 

Fourthlie, that if any persone sail be found to abuse or damnifie their bedcloathes or uther plenishing alloted to them in evrie chamber that they are to be punished by the Magistrats, dean of gild, Ministers, and ane tradsman Counceller. 

Fyftlie, that noe persones who hes the benefite of the said hospittal sail after he is installed therein presume to mary under the paine of being extruded furth yrof (thereof). 

Sixtlie, if any of the forsds (afore-said) persones installed as said is committ furnicatione (as god forbid) they are to be extruded furth of the said hospittall. 

Seaventlie, that if any difference sail fall out betuixt the oversier and any of the persones in the said hospittall the Masters of the Hospitall sail make tryall yrof And report the same to the Magistrats, dean of gild, Ministers and ane tradsman Counceller are to judge the same as they sail think fitt. 

Eightlie, that if ony persones in the said Hospittall sail be furth theirof at nine hours at night in the sumbertyme that they sail pay tua shilling scotes for ilk hours transgressione and for ilk nights absence six shilling. 

Nynthlie, that incaice the said oversier sal! be found guiltie of the breach of any of the injuctiones above writtin that their is to be deteined of his cellarie be the Masters of the said Hospittall the triple mor nor (than) what is contained in everie article above written. 

Tentile, if any of the saids persons sail not give obedience to the forsds articles bot persevear in dissobeying of the same that they are to be extruded furth of the said Hospitall. 

Eleventlie, if any of the forsds persons sail be found drunk that their sail be deteined of the first end of their weiklie pensione for the first fault six shilling eight pennies, for the second ten shilling, for the thrid threttine shillings four pennies, and incaice they persevear they are to be punished at the Magistrats dicreItione. 

1 abusing

2 scolding

3 report

4 salary