Legends at Cowane's Café now open 10am-4pm daily along with the free John Cowane Exhibition and Guild Hall

John Cowane Exhibition

New to the Hospital Building for 2021 is the John Cowane Exhibition.  Please see the Contact Us page for the current opening hours.

Housed in the Guild Hall within the Hospital Building, discover who John Cowane was, and how his wealth benefited the people of Stirling when he died. 

Read about the rare survival that is the Cowane’s Hospital Building and what strict rules the patients had to adhere to. 

Be enthralled by the insight to the merchant trade which was very strong in Stirling. The city acted as a trading hub for Europe, distributing goods as far and as wide a Holland. The interactive exhibition allows you to test your knowledge on goods imported and exported during these times. 

Lean about the restoration of the building and the significant part that it plays in the history of Stirling. 

And don’t forget to pick up a leaflet from the exhibition and embark upon the newly introduced trails – ‘The Secrets In The Stones’ and ‘John Cowane’s Trail’

Discover the John Cowane Exhibition in the Guild Hall, within Cowane’s Hospital