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Stirling Walking the Marches

Stirling Walking the Marches

Cowane’s is delighted to welcome the Walking the Marches on Saturday the 27th May 2023 and is looking forward to supporting this ancient tradition once again.

The Walking of the Marches in Stirling is an important part of our cultural heritage. The tradition of inspecting and protecting the boundaries goes back as far as the 12th century and possibly earlier.

The Walking of the Marches is a public celebration and open to all who wish to participate in this ancient part of the history and heritage. In attendance will be the Provost of Stirling (also Chair of the Trust), the Dean of Guildry of Stirling, the Deacon Convenor of the Seven Trades of Stirling, local historians, and several other dignitaries.

The event will begin at 10.45am at the Rotunda in the centre of Stirling with an introduction from the Provost and Bellman, followed by a report from the Captain of the Birlawmen to confirm that the Marches have been inspected and are intact. The event will then proceed to the Smith Art Gallery and Muesum where a toast to the Marches will take place, before continuing onto Cowane’s Hospital between 11.30am -12.30pm

Once at Cowane’s Pipers will lead a procession up the driveway, leading onto the Bowling Green.  The minister for the Church of the Holy Rude, will conduct a blessing of the Guildry March Stone located in the gardens and singers will perform on the Terrace with an historical re-enactment on the Bowling Green. Finally the Pipers will lead the procession back to the city centre to conclude at the Rotunda.

For more information on the Guildry March Stone please visit https://cowanes.org.uk/cowanes-hospital/the-march-stones-of-stirling/

For more information regarding the Stirling Walking the Marches please visit https://www.stirlingwalkingthemarches.org/

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