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Heralding of Past Deans of the Guildry of Stirling

Heralding of Past Deans of the Guildry of Stirling

Following the refurbishment of Cowane’s Hospital the Trust were delighted that the names of past Deans of Guild from 1470 to the present day were recently added to the boards below the gallery in the Guild Hall. 

This is an important addition to the building as it conveys the history of the Guildry from a period long before John Cowane (Dean at various periods between 1624 and 1649) left the endowment which led to the building of Cowane’s Hospital. 

The boards also show the reversed 4, a common sign amongst guilds all over Europe to show the goods were of acceptable quality, and the Coat of Arms granted to the Guildry in 2016 in anticipation of the 900th Anniversary of the foundation of the Guildry in 1119.   

Dean of Guild and Patron of Cowane’s, Mrs Elzabeth Roads said, “I am delighted that we have this list of successive Deans over 6 centuries recorded in the beautiful Guild Hall as a reminder of the long and interesting history of the Merchant Guildry”.

The work was undertaken expertly by D Signs and more information on the Guildry of Stirling can be found at www.cowanes.org.uk/the-merchant-guildry/ and www.guildryofstirling.co.uk

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