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Cowane’s Trust

Lorne Scott

Chief Operating Officer and Master & Factor

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Lorne Scott

Chief Operating Officer and Master & Factor

Lorne was appointed as Chief Operating Officer and Master & Factor in January 2021.

Reporting directly to the Board, Lorne oversees the day to day running of the Trust along with the implementation of the medium and long-term strategy.

Prior to taking up his current post, Lorne was the Commercial Director for the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) and Board Director of the Society’s subsidiary company, Highland Centre Ltd.

As a previous trustee of the Trades House of Glasgow and Ex Deacon of the Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow, Lorne is ideally placed to steer the Cowane’s Trust through the next successful chapter in its long and distinguished history. As part of Lorne’s commitments at the Trades House of Glasgow, he serves on both the Governance Committee and Drapers Fund, helping to approve and award grants in excess of £80,000 annually.

Lorne also Chairs the Incorporation of Gardeners of Glasgow annual ‘Let Glasgow Flourish Awards’. This annual competition, since 1983, awards commercial premises who brighten up the city landscape of Glasgow by planting, maintaining, and displaying flowers around their area.

Outside of work, Lorne can be found both playing and watching a variety of sports.

Photo Credit: Ashley Forsyth, Forth Valley College